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Doctor House Calls

Mobile medical visits to homes, senior living, and assisted living facilities, as well as hotels and offices, in the Greater Los Angeles area.


Doctor Video Calls

Manage your health while maintaining social distancing – same as an office visit, but from the comfort and safety of your home. Available anywhere in the state of California.

Welcome to Mobile Physician Associates

We are Primary Care Physicians that provide doctor house calls, and doctor video calls with care and compassion reminiscent of the “Golden Age” of medicine but using 21st century medical and technological advances to treat patients in the comfort of their own residence. These calls can often be scheduled the same day or the next day.

We understand that as people age, chronic or progressive medical illness may make it more difficult to come to a physician’s office for care. This can cause the patient to forgo vital medical care, for acute and chronic problems, which ultimately can lead to unnecessary hospitalization, premature institutionalization (i.e. Nursing Home Care), and deterioration in the quality of life.

We provide in-home immunizations (Flu Shots, pneumonia, and hepatitis vaccinations), COVID-19 testing (Rapid test available), mobile lab bloodwork, ECG (electro-cardiogram), annual eye/retina exam, mobile X-ray, and ultra-sound scans, with over 50,000 house calls since 2009.

We Accept Medicare

Our new patient intake process is quick and easy, allowing us to collect medical information and verify insurance coverage.

Meet Our Doctors

Meet our team of experienced physicians before you schedule.

Our Services

With recent technologically advanced mobile diagnostic equipment, we can provide medical services in your residence, often surpassing care provided in many doctor’s offices and medical facilities.


Mobile Ultrasound

Next generation portable technology yields incredibly detailed images, allowing precise and confident diagnosis.



We come to you for flu shots, pneumonia and hepatitis vaccinations in the comfort and convenience of your home or office.


Mobile Covid-19 testing

We provide both PCR and Rapid Antigen Testing. PCR results in 2-3 days (most accurate), and Rapid Antigen results available in 10 minutes (100% accurate for positive, 80% accurate for negative). Testing available for individuals, Assisted Living facilities, companies, and private events.


Urine Analysis

Our medical providers schedule testing frequencies based upon medical need and indication. Precise and careful monitoring of medication efficacy and treatments is a key to better outcomes.


Mobile Vision Screening

Early detection of vision deterioration due to factors such as diabetes is vital to allowing treatments and procedures to protect patients’ eyesight.


Mobile X Ray

Advanced mobile X-ray equipment enables in home imaging crucial to accurate diagnosis with low radiation exposure.

Mobile ECG

Our mobile ECG offers full, 12-Lead ECG testing, just like a large hospital device, but portable and suitable to a mobile usage case. Ultra-precise measurement of heart functionality in the comfort of your own home.

Laboratory Services

Our highly trained staff come to you in the comfort of your home. Regular and consistent medical testing is a key component of a holistic health management methodology, keeping patients healthier and at home longer, without the need for hospitalization or ER usage.


Remote Patient Monitoring

We use high technology devices to remotely monitor and report patient vital signs to our medical providers. Custom alerts can be enabled for precise monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year.


Chronic Care Management

Studies have conclusively proven that regular interaction with trained counselors acts to preserve mental and physical acuity. Our CCM staff calls patients in the home or facility multiple times per month and provides another outlet for care as well as health monitoring.

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